We've NEVER experienced the level of FREEDOM we have  with dōTERRA. Starting 10 years ago, it became the perfect vehicle for us to share the message of hope, healing, and wellness—while creating an abundant income waaaay beyond what we EVER considered possible.

With the RECURRING income from our dōTERRA business, we've adopted four of our eight children (FYI - adoption ain't cheap!), live in different parts of the country (including our favorite, Hawaii), purchase our DREAM home, and give back in bigger ways to causes close to our hearts (like human-trafficking)!   In short - legit financial freedom.

Our global team averages $3 million in essential oils sales each month, meaning tens of thousands of homes have powerful solutions that WORK!!  Which ALSO means that thousands of families sharing these oils on our team are enjoying their OWN financial freedom.

Loving What You Do is Happiness.

Doing What You Love is Freedom.

—Andrè & Stephanie Quetala. Parents of two; dōTERRA Silver Leaders in Brazil

“We joined Leland and Robin’s team about 6 months ago, and in that short time they have become dear friends, always making us feel like they truly care. Being a part of their team means having constant, CUSTOMIZED support! They get to know you, your needs, your strengths, your insecurities and give you personalized training and encouragement. They’ve gotten invested in our dreams in this business and in our lives on turbo modehelping us knock one goal after another out of the water!”

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We understand that if you're going to take the leap, you want to partner with people who are where you wanna be, and have a plan to confidently lead and show you to how to get there.  Right?

In turn, we want to make sure we're working with someone capable and committed.  With eight kids, we don't got tiiime to mess around with fence-sitters!

Listen.  We have the wisdom and know-how to not only help you reach your goals, but keep your priorities and family life in-check while you do it.  Because what good is reaching your goals if you sacrificed the relationships with your family to get there?!

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—Andy and Natalie Goddard; Parents of 7; Renowned Global Wellness Leaders

“Robin and Leland know how to do life and business with lots of joy and laughter! They partner powerfully to create momentum and growth that changes loads of lives. With Robin and Leland you can expect a customized plan to reach your goals with them by your side, holding your feet to the fire. And be a part of the miracles! Thats just the way they work!”


—Kindra Adair, "The Natural RN"; Mother of 2; PLATINUM dōTERRA Leader 

"How did we even live before dōTERRA? It sounds dramatic, but it’s true. We started using dōTERRA products 6 years ago and it's replaced everything we used to use with a natural solution. 

We love these oils and products so much! We started the business at the same time. I was in the middle of looking for my next nursing job but did a 180 after learning how powerful dōTERRA oils are and chose to focus on my dōTERRA business instead. I never looked back and I have replaced that nursing income by FAR.”


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We're looking for souls who no longer want to play small. They cannot wait another day to take that first step towards freedom, and are ready to do what it takes to get there- no more excuses.

If you feel like this could be you, fast-track business scholarships are available for personalized business mentoring, strengths coaching, and dōTERRA supplies to feel fully equipped to launch your business successfully

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When you partner with us, you gain access to US.  We hook you up with the right systems, know-how training, and our 10 years of experience so you have ZERO guess work when it comes to starting your essential oil business.

Let's talk!!  We are excited to work with you and get started on a journey that WILL change your life!


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