As a former Mercedes-Benz General Sales Manager, and now a successful dadpreneur, I know how hard it is to balance work and family. 

It can feel like there is never enough time.  Not enough time with my family, for stuff I like to do, or time to do all the never-ending tasks around the house and at work!

This is why I love guiding other dads through the 3 pillars of Vibrant Living (Inspiration. Wellness. Purpose) to feel like they are moving the needle in their biz AND chipping in at home. 

proud to be a family guy...

Hey, it's leland

Remember when we were kids and how everything seemed fun, new, exciting? We had all the time in the world to explore, play, and dream what we would be like when we got "older."

Then we did get older and got caught up in the expectations, the daily mundane, the weekly grind—lacking the time to be the dad and husband we always told ourselves we would be.  

I'm still fighting to BE that father and husband. Join me in that fight as I share the best tricks & hacks I've learned as a dad of 8 and running a global business, while keeping a healthy, vibrant work-home balanced life.

I know how responsibility can seem crushing.

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—Justin Lee; father of 4; Global Entrepreneur

"Over the past 8 1/2 years, I have had the pleasure of conducting business with Leland. My business has been immeasurably benefitted by Leland's countless ways and my success today is due in no small part to his presence and efforts along the way. I am impressed with his adaptability in transitioning between home and work life, and how he does it seamlessly. When the stakes are high, Leland instinctively and consistently lightens the mood and makes others feel comfortable."


I take my kids to church or the movies without their shoes on; I've scheduled business calls during family vacations; and I secretly run pretend errands to get out of the house.

I'm usually the most positive person in the room, and when it comes to overcoming obstacles—I won't stop until I find a solution. It might not necessarily be the RIGHT solution, but it gets the job done.

I know every line to every Jean-Claude Van Damme movie ever made. You'd be surprised how far you can run on a treadmill while watching under appreciated action movies.

I don't always get it right.

I still strike out.

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