Robin & Leland

Let's cut to the chase, shall we? We don't do small. BIG family, BIG hearts, BIG goals, BIG vision—it's just how we roll. 

We've been married for 15 years, and business partners for six.  We are each other's best friend and our marriage is our #1 priority which we keep fiercely protected.

Together, we're raising our eight kids- ages 14, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 3, & 2 years old.  Their personalities are as diverse as their skin color.  We hold parenthood as the most sacred and important responsibility of our lifetime, and have had the blessing and privilege of adopting four of our kids. 

Growing our family while growing our global essential oil business has been the most rewarding experience outside growing our family.  It's always been our focus to create balance and boundaries around work & home - which is also a big focus in how we coach and mentor our team and leaders.    

power couple in biz & family

Who are We?

—Tahna & Justin Lee; Parents of 5; Business Owners; Global Wellness Advocates

“Robin and Leland are an amazing power-couple-combination to work with. They have completed years worth of personal development and have a strong networking team as a result. They will expertly and strategically coach you to success and keep you laughing and having fun along the way!”

Power couple

—Jared Yellin; Founder of Synduit; Father of 2

“I feel pretty blessed with the number of extraordinary entrepreneurs I have worked with in my life, but Robin and Leland are in a league of their own. Not only are they exceptional leaders in business, but they are the perfect role models in life. I love what this couple stands for and I am excited to watch and support their next chapter of massive impact.”

A league of their own

—James & Roxane Bybee; Parents of 5; Global Health & Wellness Leaders

“Robin and Leland are sharp business owners and educators! I love learning from them. They have been very successful in their business, and we feel so blessed we get to work with them. If you have the chance to partner with them you should JUMP at the chance! You will be glad you did!”

so blessed to work with them

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The root of everything we do is FAMILY.  We work hard so our kids have opportunities for the taking - and so they can travel the world, not just learn about it.

But we also show them that you can do what you LOVE while still keeping those you LOVE a priority.

LOTS of trial, error, and research later - we funneled down what we found to be the most effective, simple, and powerful solutions for our family and our business, and put them into three categories: WELLNESS, INSPIRATION & PURPOSE—which are the three pillars of Vibrant Living.

Honestly, we don't have it all figured out (like, not even close!), but we CAN say we have found so much SUCCESS, PEACE, happiness, and JOY—and we can't wait to share our insights, strategies, and solutions with YOU.

building our legacy

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family first

How is leland helping dadpreneurs?

I guide husbands through the
power couple pit falls!

•Bachelor's Degree in Professional Sales
•Public Speaker
•Certified AromaTouch Technique Instructor
•Fluent in Spanish
•Former General Sales Manager of Mercedes Benz of SLC
•Mentor & Business Coach
•Amateur Stand-Up Comedian

expert in sales
& speaking

Leland Jones

What would working with robin look like?

• Blue Diamond Leader in dōTERRA
• Certified Aromatherapy & Essential Oil Specialist
• Certified Holistic Health Coach 
• Licensed Massage Therapist & Instructor
• Public Speaker
• Certified AromaTouch Technique Instructor
• Certified NeuroFeedback Practitioner
• Certified Emotion Code Practitioner 
• Certified Mentor & Life Coach

Wellness industry leader of 20 years

Robin Jones